2023, A bucolic Jungle

In 2023, Giungla will be bucolic, exploring the natural dimension between urban and agricultural context, bringing the programming from the Botanical Garden of Lucca to the green space dedicated to Pia Pera of the Agora Civic Library, up to the Colle di Bordocheo and Il Gobbo farms in the Capannori countryside.
Urban green, third landscape, land, are terms that refer to a nature that changes as the relationship with the human changes. And there are different technologies and objects that characterize these spaces, more or less visible, more or less enhanced. The concept of bucolic is therefore questioned, with its idyllic meaning, to rediscover the link we have with the territory and with other “living territories”, both through new art productions, and with meetings and workshops.



• Orto Botanico, Lucca

mur | mur

Immersive installation by Elisa Muliere and Disfònia Ensemble

• Colle di Bordocheo, Segromigno in Monte – Capannori

→ La rêveuse rêvant d’une rêveuse rêvant

Installation by Tiphaine Calmettes 

• Colle di Bordocheo, Segromigno in Monte

→ Bou Kòlos. *Narrative Aperitif 

Installation and performance.

• Az. agricola Il Gobbo
Segromigno in Monte, Capannori

→ Wind Tales


→ Speculative dramaturgy workshop

Project with the Liceo Classico N. Machiavelli of Lucca.


→ Dear plant, from what soil do you come?
From Golden Words to the Botanical Garden
Ethnobotany workshop with Andrea Pieroni and Renata Soukand

→ Bucolic Rebellion
Art workshop for primary school children with Josse Renda and Cinzia Turla, in collaboration with Piccole Radici and the Secret Garden

→ Growing among pirate plants. Happy birthday Italo Calvino!
In collaboration with the Agorà Library and in partnership with Lucca Creative Hub, the Ass. Millimètrica.

→ Darsi alla macchia. The project of the forest for the contemporary city.
Seminar by Annalisa Metta, in collaboration with the Order of Architects P.P.C. Lucca.