• Colle di Bordocheo, Segromigno in Monte
Via di Piaggiori Basso 123, Capannori

Bou Kòlos
*Narrative Aperitif by Luca Conte

A walk, a push, an accompaniment towards the non-self or, rather, the before self.
A walk in search of primordial, basic, curiously forgotten gestures.
The transformation of a group into a herd, the division of roles and the renewal of identity.
An experience in search of the limit between us humans and us beasts, or beastmen, non-humans.
All sprinkled with gastronomic prizes and playful experiences that tend to be pointless but profound.

Between visual arts, performance and cuisine, Luca Conte aka Gerolamore develops a playful practice that leads the public to participate in new collective rituals. The intent, for GIUNGLA, is to draw on the very etymology of “bucolic”, the central theme of the 2023 show, questioning the concept of “pastoral”, “rural”, “nature”.

In a journey made up of installations for both the presentation of food and the interaction between diners, the artist leads us to ruminate, rather than to eat. His words express it well, the intention is to make us become a herd, a flock of sheep.
Aperinarrazione then becomes a transhumant action in which human bodies, through their going similar to the grazing of animals, and the chewing of vegetables, can question what it means to experience a natural environment from other perspectives, to explore ‘living territories’ different from those of homo sapiens.

*Culinary offerings range from pinzimoni to fermented vegetables, from soups

Luca Conte

Luca Conte aka Gerolamore, is a transdisciplinary artist with a focus on ecological-spatial dynamics in social encounters. Through an ambiguous clash between the genuine nature of food and cultural mores, his aim is to experience, observe, revive and reconnect with poetic space.

He began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara (2012), finished in the Netherlands at KABK (2017), co-founder of Trixie, The Hague (2018) returned to Italy in 2020 to study gastronomic sciences at the University of Pollenzo and then give life to Palazzo Bronzo, Genoa (2022), an artist-run space at the crossroads of architecture, theatre, performance.