• Botanical Garden
Entrance from the Casermetta San Regolo on the city walls, Lucca

Dear plant, what land do you come from?
Itinerant ethnobotany workshop with Andrea Pieroni and Renata Soukand

Dear plant what land you come from 
Middle earth foreign land land that 
exhales after the rain 
dry land burning desert 
land of distant near lands yearning cackling 
lands of fires lands poisoned lands near lands extraterrestrial extraterritorial lands

Andrea Pieroni

In this workshop we will explore urban plant food biodiversity, the interstitial essence on the sidelines of the division between wild and cultivated plants, and the possibilities of reconnecting with the world of nature through everyday urban experiences and practices.


9:30 a.m. – Meet at Golden Words
(For those who wish, in order to reduce our environmental impact,
we will leave at 9 a.m. from Piazzale Verdi with the E18 bus.
You can see all the stops here

10 a.m. – Trekking along the Nottolini Aqueduct to the City Walls.
12 noon – Packed lunch
1 p.m. – Visit to the Botanical Garden
2:30 pm – End of workshop

Andrea Pieroni

Andrea Pieroni is an ethnobiologist, teaches at the University of Pollenzo and is involved in research on local knowledge and foraging especially in the Balkans and the Near East.

Renata Sõukand is an ethnobiologist and ecosemiotician who teaches at Ca’ Foscari University in Venenzia and researches local knowledge, ethnomedicine and human-nature relations especially in Eastern Europe.