• Botanical Garden
Entrance from the Casermetta San Regolo on the city walls, Lucca

mur / mur
Immersive installation by Elisa Muliere and Disfònia Ensemble 

mur | mur is a site-specific installation designed for the basement of the Baluardo San Regolo; it is an immersive environment composed of sculptural elements, musical fragments and videos. The starting point and inspiration for the project was the analysis of a selection of plants found inside and in some of the herbaria of the collection of the Botanical Garden of Lucca.

At the entrance of the cavern, an atypical vision meets the user: it is a dense mur | mur, pulsating, barely illuminated cavern, the access to another dimension that houses beings outside the real. Songs and sound design composed ad hoc by Carlo Piva of Disfónia Ensemble emphasize immersion in this surreal and enigmatic world. Platycerium, Bauhinia, Taxodium, Euphorbia and Lunaria are the five plant species poetically translated through shapes and sounds, each with its own, peculiar characteristics.

mur | mur is an invitation to exploration. The viewer will be free to activate their own path of discovery within the space, wandering from species to species, allowing themselves to be abstracted from this imaginative and visionary universe, of the sensitive.

Elisa Muliere

Elisa Muliere (Tortona, 1981) lives and works in Bologna. Her production ranges from pictorial work on canvas and paper to the experimentation of other forms of research such as installations, sculpture and editorial projects.

Muliere’s research focuses, through a trans-disciplinary language, on the investigation of the sensitive, of non-linear thought. Loaded with references to visceral drives, through personal expressive and symbolic codes, his work tells of transformations and possibilities. For more than a decade he has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Disfònia Ensemble

The Disfónia are a Bologna-born ensemble of musicians who are involved in experimental research on contemporary music, ranging from works composed from the second half of the 20th century onward to improvisational languages and producing new scores and multidisciplinary collaborations. The Disfónia are: Marco Bonato (clarinets), Doriana De Luca (flutes), Carlo Piva (composition, guitar, electronics), Francesca Renzi (guitars), Elizabeth Reolid Felipe (viola).