Credits: Melanie Angeloni.

• Mercato del Carmine, Lucca
Two time slots: 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.

Clay modeling workshop
Natur’Arte for children 

Roots of the world. How did the world come into being?
Gilgameš, Enki and Ninmah, then the men of mud, of wood, of corn,
-Xpiyakok, Xmuqane… Q’uq’umatz!
invoke the ‘heart of heaven,’ and the ‘heart of the earth’

In the beginning was the sea, then the cosmic mountain, and the sky, infinite; many of the cosmogonies of the ancient age converge on the centrality of land and water in the birth of the terrestrial globe, and of life on it.

Animated earth, earth with a thousand eyes in each of its grains, earth that dries, is reborn, changes color. Earth that becomes the world when it passes through the hands of children,
land of chemical properties, and of stories.

Land of the Maya, Greek land, Etruscan land, blue land, Egyptian sand.

Starting with the element of earth, and the narratives that have arisen to explain its origin at
different cultures, the workshop explores the processes possible around earth due to its interaction with the other elements, air, water, fire; using clays and earths from different areas of Lucca as raw materials.

An abecedary of gestures that mutates into a set of signs, always new and always ancient, like the world. Land to carry on, land of travels, land without boundaries, vegetable melting,
earth as apparition, reconquest of the fantastic, for all,
earth for building talismans and idols, images that come from the earth, earth color of caves, earth that changes in the sun, earth of secret words

Natur’Arte workshops involve the exploration of natural elements through storytelling and artistic expression using different languages or self-productions from the same natural elements.

They guide the experience:

Cinzia Turla, educator and cultural mediator, and Josse Renda, visual artist and atelierist, design together paths of artistic expressiveness and education in nature, but also journeys, walks, drifts, between natural and human landscapes, between cities and kingdoms inhabited by flowers, insects, trees, stars.
In the company, often, of elements and raw materials, they allow themselves to be taken with others into the territories of storytelling, writing, geometry, seasons, and dreams. They lead Natur’Arte children’s workshops within the project ‘Small Roots, the Secret Garden,’ and in other places, libraries, spaces, in which to grow together.