2021, Una giungla domestica

In 2021 our jungle is “domestic”. Together with the ecosystem of relationships that made this edition possible, we decided to focus on the concept of “inhabiting/dwelling”, of experiencing the house, whatever this may be for us. In our domestic jungle, which is more or less populated, more or less violent, more or less noisy, we can closely observe what ecology means. Ecology is here understood not only as the need to preserve and defend nature, but also in its primary meaning, that is, the study of the relationships between organisms or groups of organisms and their natural environment.

Beyond the species, considering everything and everyone as “strange strangers”, we find ourselves living in places, making homes, regulating this structure that becomes the double of our body, which neither includes or excludes, but is osmotic and is affected by the outside in many ways. Who is the intruder? the phone ringing or the thief? Is it the zoom call or your relative? The cat on the sofa or the noise of the neighbours’ bed? Our heartbeat is too slow for the speed of our data, yet we chase them online, opening rooms that, in order to actually enlarge our home so, we should ask for an amnesty as big as the city, or perhaps even more. And the imagination makes us dream of utopian futures or herald dystopias made up of beings, products and processes that we then discover to be present, real. What is alien and what is not, can we really say it tell them apart?

Giungla Ed. 1 consists of these questions, it’s a domestic jungle that takes Gilda Musa’s novel of the same name as a source of symbols. The text was shared with the artists and all the participants. It resonated with each of them in a different way and the narrative that will be born  in the days of the exhibition will speak of an the ecology of relationships cultivated in the past months.

How beautiful is my glass jungle tonight

Raziye Kubat, Night Flight & Musings, 2020
Series of three videos.

Eda Sütunç, Disappearing bodies, 2021
Interactive installation.

Guido Segni, My Heart Will Go Online (for a year), 2021
Net Art.

Tatiana Villani, Germina, 2021
Mixed media.

(Leonardo Ruvolo, Anna Brussi, Giuseppe Calamia)
Ce qui reste de la mémoire, une partition pour le jardin, 2021

Luca Leggero, Home Bubble, 2021
3D print.



Manifesto Brutal

Valerio Tanteri
Doctor in Philosophy and educator
Stefano Manzoni
Music teacher