Biennale di Canakkale, 2022

Artists and art initiatives from Turkey and around the world are invited to explore the connections/nodal points of the complex relationships between all living and non-living structures, through questions on “How can we produce together?”, “How do we live together?”, “How do we work together?”. The 8th Çanakkale Biennial will suggest looking at different forms and methods, as well as paradoxes, impossibilities, singular chances, and probabilities of dreaming together, living alone in crowds, meeting around a table, and acting as a part of nature, while crossing different concepts such as hospitality, friendship, cooperation, labour, responsibility, justice, forgiveness, memory, mourning, joy.

Giungla was a guest at the Çanakkale Biennial with works by Irem Tok, Hydromancy and Tatiana Villani, Seed&Others both produced in 2022. Hydromancy was created for the Botanical Garden of Lucca with the support of SAHA Association and found its expanded version alongside the photographs and sculptures produced by Tatiana Villani during a residency in Çanakkale.

The Çanakkale Biennial was held from 1 October to 5 November 2022, with parallel exhibitions and events at different venues in the center of Çanakkale and at the Troy Museum.